Our Coupon Book offers exciting, fun, profitable and informative internships for high school and college students.  Our internships expose students to real world experiences and empowers them with stronger levels of personal confidence when applying for college or employment opportunities.  To see the active internship opportunities available in your region, simply click on internship opportunities.

Employment with Our Coupon Book

Empowering others is a tremendous way to live your life!  A career with Our Coupon Book allows you to experience empowerment on a daily basis.  Whether its our school districts reaching their fundraising goals, our parents being able to afford football equipment for their future stars or our businesses increasing their quarterly profit margins; Our Coupon Book is all about servicing and producing success stories!

Choosing a career with Our Coupon Book gives you a wide variety of expansion power allowing you opportunities to explore new career fields as you grow as an individual. Interest that you have at the age of 23 may be totally different when you reach 30. Therefore, Our Coupon Book offers in house continuing education that allows you to change directions, travel and explore on a national platform. 

To learn more about current opportunities to work with Our Coupon Book, simply click on current opportunities

High Schools, Colleges & Universities

Teachers, School Counselors and Career Counselors:

Our Coupon Book is an excellent way to introduce your students to 'real world' problem solving skills, advertising, marketing, fundraising and business development principles. With in house and online internship opportunities, almost any student with the desire to learn can improve his/her level of confidence and professionalism.  If you have students that you think may be able to benefit from our programs, feel free to email us at Be sure to explain your needs or the needs of the interested student(s). 

Our Coupon Book also offers performance based scholarships, paid internships and school-to-work programs for qualifying students.

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