Groupon Founder, Eric Lefkofsky -- who was the comeback story of the Forbes 400 after righting the ship at Groupon this year --  is now worth more than $2 billion, a gain of $250 million from the release of our annual rankings of the richest Americans. He was one of 14 billionaires to make it back on the list after dropping off in 2012. 


$2 Billion

When you search for an online coupon, more often than not, you’ll land on the promo code aggregation site RetailMeNot. RetailMeNot is a publicly traded company that is worth $1.8BN after its IPO last year. In 2013, the company did over $200 million in revenue; RetailMeNot has turned coupon codes into big business. https://priceonomics.com/the-seo-dominance-of-retailmenot/

$1.8 Billion

Start Your Family Business and EARN

$5,000 per month

ECONOMY (Business Kit)


The ECONOMY Business Kit allows you to own and operate your very own Our Coupon Book DISTRIBUTORSHIP.  This kit offers 3 immediate revenue streams - Marketing Fundraisers (5% payout), Marketing Advertising (20% payout), & Direct Sales of the Discount Savings Card (40% payout).  The ECONOMY Business Kit is the most economical kit.

POWER (Business Kit)


Initial Fee

The POWER Business Kit allows you to own and operate your very own Our Coupon Book DISTRIBUTORSHIP.  This offers 3 immediate revenue streams - Marketing Fundraisers (10% payout), Marketing Advertising (25% payout), & Direct Sales of the Discount Savings Card (50% payout).  The POWER Business Kit is the most profitable kit.  



Initial Fee

$50 Monthly Service Fee
$50 Monthly Service Fee

Our Coupon Book Distributorships

Distributorship Referrals
20% Payouts

An Our Coupon Book Distributorship allows your family to work together, grow together, have fun together and GET PAID together.  There are 3 revenue producing systems within an Our Coupon Book Distributorship: Fundraising, Advertising, and Direct Sales.


1. Distributorship Business Kits

The Initial Fee to purchase an Our Coupon Book Distributorship is $500 for the Economy Business Kit or $1250 for the Power Business Kit.  As an Our Coupon Book distributor, you receive a 20% referral fee from the Initial Fee of any distributorship that you personally refer. 

5% / 10%
Direct Sales
40%/50% Payouts


ECONOMY (Business Kit)

1 - T-Shirt (OCB01T)



Business Cards - 250 (OCB01BC)



Our Coupon Book T-Shirt (1), 250 Business Cards, Email address, Designated Phone line, Social Media Ads, Company Webpage, Added to Company Directory, Online access to all documents needed to service clients, 40% Payout on Direct Sales, 20% Payout on Advertising Sales/Promotions, 5% Payout on Fundraising Promotions

POWER (Business Kit)

2 - T-Shirt (OCB01T)

2 - T-Shirt (OCB02T)

Business Cards - 1000 (OCB01BC)

Our Coupon Book T-Shirt (4), 1000 Business Cards, Email address, Designated Phone line, Social Media Ads, Company Webpage, Added to Company Directory, Online access to all documents needed to service clients, 50% Payout on Direct Sales, 25% Payout on Advertising Sales/Promotions, 10% Payout on Fundraising Promotion

Marketing Fundraisers

With a specific motive of empowering the community, fundraising has become one of our most effective tools.  Our Coupon Book prides itself on raising dollars for schools, day cares, youth sports organizations and non-profits. 


2. Fundraisers

Marketing Our Coupon Book's Fundraiser can easily generate $5000 - $10,000 per month without marketing distributorships.  Every school in the Nation could use more money and additional education (financial literacy/ sales training) for its students.  Our Coupon Book offers both. 

1000 or more cards ordered qualifies your school  for a personalized card!

Giving schools an exciting, useful and extremely profitable fundraiser can make you a very well liked individual in your community.  

Our Coupon Book has a fully automated fundraising system that allows teachers and/or faculty to raise funds anytime they wish by simply logging into the web portal (with their personal username & password) and initiating their fundraiser. 

This automated system enables you to simply offer a fundraising consultation, introduce the school representative to our automated system and sit back and collect your pay!  Now, although this is a simple process, we still expect all distributors to offer exemplary customer service. Great service will result in repeat business for your distributorship year after year!

Many distributors focused on fundraising will complete 3-4 fundraisers per month.  With an average school having 300 participating students, it is likely that each student will average 10 card sales each. This equates to 3000 cards sold per school.  3000 Cards at $20 each equals 60,000.  The school will yield 40%-50% and you as a distributor will yield a 5% payout.  In this case, this distributorship would bring home $3,000 in profits per school totaling $9000.

There is no limit as to how many fundraisers your distributorship is allowed to service.  This is your distributorship and you can service as many schools as you like.

Our Coupon Book also offers a customizing service to parents, teachers and faculty.  This service allows them to customize their fundraiser to their specific community.  By going onto the web portal, they can introduce you or Our Coupon Book's corporate offices to neighborhood businesses that they frequent or would like to see on the Mobile App to help enhance their fundraiser. 

Marketing Advertising

3. Advertising

Advertising with Our Coupon Book can offer tremendous residual payouts for the patient and diligent distributor. With an inventory of 18,000+ potential advertising opportunities, there's over 1.8 million dollars in annual revenue waiting to be shifted into a deserving bank account.

Our Coupon Book is currently active in Indianapolis, IN and Atlanta, GA.  However; with the establishment of over 400 new distributorships available in 40 different cities, Our Coupon Book is now becoming a house hold name across the country. 

In addition to the 18,000+ advertising opportunities, Our Coupon Book also has an incredibly creative promotions department that can help you create alternative forms of revenue generating promotions. 

Examples include:


1. Co Op Advertising Campaigns with participating retailers/ vendors.

     a. Youth Sports

     b. Club Promotions

     c. Event Promotions

     d. Walk-a-Thons

     e. Award Banquets

     f. Networking Events

2. Renting Booth Space at various Conventions throughout the country.


3. Co Sponsoring with Radio/TV/ Social Media Allies

...and many more


Our Coupon Book offers local, regional and national advertising options,

with extremely affordable pricing.  With the initial motive of empowering local communities, Our Coupon Book's affordable price point allows small business to benefit just as much as fortune 500 companies.

Mobile Apps - Extremely Effective Form of Advertising

Direct Sales

4. Direct Sales

Direct Sales are a great way to secure immediate revenue.  As a distributor, you can market the Discount Savings Cards and receive a 50% payout!  The best methods to market the Discount Savings Cards are:

1. Family and Friends

2. Friends of Family and Friends

3. Social Media

4. Business to Business

5. Small Local Businesses (Consignment & Direct)

     a. Barber/ Beauty Shops

     b. Restaurants

     c. Business Advertising on the Mobile App

6. Youth Sporting Events

7. Booth Rentals at Fairs/ Conventions/ Shows

The Direct Sales method can lead to hundreds or even thousands of sales when the distributor is professional, organized and effective.  Your customer will respect your customer service enough to share his/her friends and family with you, IF YOU ASK THEM TO!  These sales are called referrals.  Great salesmanship can produce so many referrals that you never have to make a cold call again.

Almost everyone loves saving money!  ...and for the few that aren't into saving (or couponing), they definitely know someone who is and will purchase the Discount Savings Card as a gift.

Getting Started

Special Note: Developing relationships with schools and local businesses will be done on a 'first come first serve' basis.  Our Coupon Book Corporate will keep a master list of assigned schools and businesses after distributorships have developed these relationships.  This is done to maintain good customer relations and proper business etiquet among distributors.

(888) 767-4009

Customer Service Hours

Mon-Fri (9am - 1pm EST)

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