Frequently Asked Questions

1. Question: Is there an upfront cost to host a fundraiser?

1. Answer: There is no upfront cost to host a fundraiser.  

2. Question: What is the duration of my fundraiser?

2. Answer: Your initial fundraising period is 2 weeks in duration.  Your year round fundraising period is the remaining 50 weeks!

3. Question: What percentage does my organization recieve?

3. Answer: Your organization will receive either a 40% or 50% payout.  There is a 50% payout for an order of 250 Discount Saving Cards or more.  Any order less than 250 is a 40% payout.

4. Question: Are small organizations allowed to host fundraisers?

4. Answer: Yes. There are no size requirements. 

5. Question: What kind of support is available during my fundraising period?

5. Answer: Our Coupon Book designates a Fundraising Specialist to offer a detailed consultation to prepare you for maximum success. 

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